Wendy Shepherd – The many layers on the cake

Once upon a time, ok…wait! Don’t close the page just yet, there is a point I am trying to make here! So back to the story. Once upon a time, a very innocent me stumbled upon this weird thing called Twitter. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, how it worked or even what its purpose was. It was just bizarre. Took me a while to figure the whole process, but eventually all became clear and I began following people. After finding some of my favourite celebrities, I started following Wendy Shepherd.
Wendy, if you want to blame anyone for my incessant questions, whining and occasional rant post the time we “twitter-met”, blame Sean Flanery and Norman Reedus. Yes, no one else is to blame but them. See, they kept doing these awesome little videos on YT telling the world just how great you were so, in my most adventurous spirit I decided to go with the flow and see what all the hype was about. I admit I am quite happy about my choice and that I sometimes snicker when I see she actually has more followers than some of the actors she profiles for her websites. Yes, it’s the power of interaction people! Wendy knows how to use it to do good.

For those still wondering who Wendy Shepherd is, let’s hear it in her own words:
“My experience is with web design, graphics, internet consultation, online media & publicity, social networking, publishing & editing of web content, e-book writing and more.”
Still not clear? Ok, perhaps this will be more helpful. Wendy Shepherd is the woman behind the scenes who will help you find famous people on line, while making sure you guys know it’s really them and not some wannabe who has nothing better to do in his basement. She’ll help you out with any questions about those she represents and their numbers are growing everyday and she’ll be generally nice to you. I usually call her the go to girl for information on the entertainment business. And since she is also a kick-ass lady she deserves an article on our site here as a celebrity of the week. (She is also a great cook who likes to share recipes. Just saying.)

For this wonderful lady we got some inside scoop. This is what Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, Meskada) had to say about her:
“I love Wendy. One of the sweetest ladies I know. And she’s a ninja.”
Told you she is kick-ass! See? Even Norman agrees with me. For the record, the reason I believe she is one awesome kick-ass lady is that she balances family life, work and a whole army of people pulling her in all directions and she never complains. Don’t worry, she is human, it’s just that she seems to take the best out of life rather than dwell on all the things that can and sometimes go wrong.
She might not remember this, but more than once she pulled me from the claws of debilitating self-doubt and even gave me some great advice of doing what I like, even when it seems to get too hard. Fine, I admit, she’s an inspiration and if I could manage to do even a half of all the things she does I would consider myself lucky.
“I love to spend time with my family. I like to step into another world occasionally by watching movies. I like to listen to music to help soothe away stress.” (Wendy Shepherd)
I like the way you think Wendy, really. Keeping it real! I have said this before and I will keep saying it forever. No matter how much talent, how much beauty, money and other things a famous person might have, I will never be truly impressed by them if they are stuck up. You, my dear get an extra cookie for being down to earth, nice and helpful whenever you can.
Katrina Hill, an equally kick-ass lady – also known as Action Flick Chick gave us her own spin on who Wendy Shepherd is.
“Wendy Shepherd is bright, conscientious, witty, one of my absolute favorite online friends. She was an enormous help with my Boondock Saints II props giveaway. I’ve gotten to know the Saints better partly through her. I have to admit it’s fun when Sean recognizes me by the name Action Flick Chick.”
I think I have to agree with Katrina, I too got to know some of the Saints better through her, well, not personally, but the web is a wonderful thing. And due to her site – officiallypluggedin.com I know for sure it’s them I’m talking to on the web and not a fake (when I get famous, I’ll get listed there too). Perhaps it seems useless to have someone like that monitor things, but think of it this way, some celebrities support charities and ask for your help and money. It would be so easy to set up an account and cheat people out of their money using someone’s name, especially if that someone is famous. See where this is going now?
Thank you, Wendy for being an awesome person and for giving me such an interesting subject to write about. Keep up the good job!
Thank you, Norman (@wwwbigbaldhead), Katrina(@actionchick) and Tamela(@tenindenmark) for helping me put together this little article! Sorry for being a bit bratty about it at times.
If you enjoyed your read follow us @genuineadmirer. If you are the least bit curious about Wendy get to following @wendyshepherd, @officiallyplug and @studiomatrix. She’s a busy little bee, but you will get a lot of useful info from her.

This is a little gem I found on the internet – or on youtube, made by the wonderful Betties (theboondockbetties) for Wendy, hope you don’ t mind me using it guys.

7 thoughts on “Wendy Shepherd – The many layers on the cake

  1. C – everything you wrote about Wendy is on the mark. She is ‘Superwoman’, ‘Kick-ass’ and one hell of a promoter/PR lady. In spite of all that, and everyone she knows in the film industry, she really does maintain her ‘real life’, ‘down to earth’ lovely self. Her family comes first and she shines!

    I am happy you decided to do an article about Wendy as she is such a special person. For those who do not know her on Twitter or in real life, I hope they find their way to her. They will find a gem!

    Love the article – appreciate the mention!


  2. This is – as always – on point!
    A great homage to our internet goddess!
    luv’ the Norman Quote”.. she’s a NInja” it’s funny but it’s also true..
    (little trivia:Wendy was my 1st follower)

    In sum I can just say *Kudos* to you, this article and o/c to Wendy!

    XoXo Jessy

  3. OMG! WOW! Thank you so much Daniela, Tamela, Norman and Katrina! How sweet of you to write something so so so sweet about me. I shared this with my husband and at the point you said I’m a good cook, he busted up laughing.. you know, because he’s the great cook in the family! :) I cook a few things.. but still funny. I will certainly share this across my Twitter accounts and websites. I love how you mentioned officiallypluggedin.com and how I’m trying to keep people safe online with it… it’s been about 3 years that I’ve worked on it now and I wish it would grow faster. :) I really really appreciate it and you know you are welcome to be officiallypluggedin.com too! Keep doing what you love and again thank you so very very much! {{HUGS}} ~Wendy

    • Heh, took me a bit to find your comment, you ended up in the spam bin :( We need to work on some site glitches :) Ah, but you make the pumpkin bread!! That makes you a cook in my book :)
      You’re welcome for this, it was my pleasure to do it! :) Like I said, when fame strikes me, I’m getting plugged in, until then, I’ll be here, lurking in the shadows :)

  4. Nicely done Daniela, and right ON!

    Wendy is the internet goddess-ninja-webmistress-who-apparently-doesn’t-cook. She was one of my first Twitter followers and does a fantastic job of rallying the troops and reminding us all to use our hashtags. :D

    Wendy, get your husband to cook you a fantastic meal & have a great Valentine’s Day.


  5. Aww yay more Wendy luvs!! I’m the @CrashDisaster that got the vid of Sean and Norm for hearting Wendy. She’s made of awesome, as I have told her numerous times. Her posts always bring a smile to my face. Yay for Wendy!!

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